13ème Convergence Internationale de Permaculture_2017_Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA

Organisé par ARANYA Agricultural Alternatives (Permaculture India, forest farming)

« Leardership takes many forms as does power. May we all lead gently with strength and heart and learn to lead from behind » Robyn Clayfield

« Lets revitalize the soil that is currently buried under the skyscrapers, vehicles, and asphalt roads, and return space back to the nature » Qinghua Yuan

« Eatables can’t be downloaded, you better grow it » Binay Kimar

« Permaculture gives a method for shifting environmental movement from « No » to « Yes » to evolve protest based activism against environmental degradation into holistic social systems based on ecological and economic regeneration » Benjamin Habib

« The future is complex and uncertain. But it might be the complexity that people begin to find new ways of relating to each other and to the Earth ; and in the uncertainty that people find a radical imagination of the possible » Rebecca Ellis

« In a time of great change, we are called to respond with whole systems to recover our resilience to transition, not just as survivors, but as thrivers. We can use emergencies or crisis as opportunity to harness our creativity – humanity’s highest nature, in transforming old systems and design to new story that we dream together » Sarah Queblatin.

« Let the inner child’s wisdom reveal itself ; listen and embrace it. Give attention and love to it. Be joyful and playful, life is a temporary and rich gift «  Francesca Simohadi.

« We need to start listening and understanding the language of the land, animals, water, plants and crops. We should take the earth as our body and whatsoever we do good or bad will come back to us » Eston Mgala

« Happy soil life, happy plants, happy beings, happiness is the real key to permaculture » Christoff Schneider

« If the global potential of permaculture is to be realized, the movement must be rooted win fondations of accessibility, authenticity and integrity. We will never have all the answers, but if we collectively dance with humility and if we collectively dance with humility and feedback on our fallibilities, all dreams are within our grasp » David Hursthouse

« Education that bring us back to the nature of our consciousness will free us and unite us from the love of our land and our people » Beatriz Ramirez Cruz

« We are fortunate that the custodians of the future are there in our schools, all we need is to embrace them, believe in them and inspire them to be a responsible stewardship of the future that we want » Walter Mogove Nyika

« It is essential for humankind to cultivate a regenerative relationship with water ; we as permaculture community can offer simple solutions to do just that » Jeremiah Kidd

« Earthworms is the pulse of the soil, healthier the pulse, healthier the sol » Sultan Ismail

« Everywhere on earth is like a garden that people have to take care of, understand, and give room to allow ideas to bloom and grow. The dynamic consciousness of organization allow the preservation of life » Paolo Rosazza

« We now have permaculture. Waste is an orphaned verb » Albert Bates

« Grow food, don’t just eat. There are danger in not growing food, you assume your food is safe and that it will always be available coming from the grocery shop. Grow your own, cook your own, and eat your own » Linda Kabaira.

« We must not set technology in opposition to tradition, but instead pair them to create a potent collaboration, if we truly want to solve our most challenging problems » Sara Nuerstle

« Speaking about loving and caring nature is not enough by oneself but practical performance is wanted to change the world » Boniface.S.Gomes

« If you can plant a tree which you will never enjoy its fruits during your lifetime, then you are selfish » Nicholas Syano.

« Permaculture is not a spare wheel we use when we break down, bu a steering wheel that guides us to a regenerative future. »Wycliffe Otieno